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This sacrament is most often celebrated in hospitals, assisted living and independent living facilities, or in an individual’s home when they are seriously ill; it is also often requested prior to a major surgery.


The sacrament involves scripture, prayer, an anointing, and can include the celebration of Eucharist. When an individual’s illness has the potential of leading to imminent death, this sacrament is celebrated within Viaticum (preparation for the journey – also referred to as Last Rites) which includes scripture, prayer, reconciliation if needed, an anointing, and Eucharist. When this sacrament is celebrated, family members and loved ones are usually present and participate. Family members will generally ask for the priest from their home parish to come administer the sacrament; when that is not possible, they seek out the nearest priest.


To request this sacrament from a priest at St. Thomas More; call and provide the name of the person/patient, and their room number or home address if applicable. If the person is at a Catholic hospital or at a hospital that has a Catholic priest On Call, you can also requested that they provide a priest to administer the sacrament.

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