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St. Thomas More is here to walk with you on your journey of faith.  Lifelong faith formation is key to living and growing spiritually. We have many opportunities for children and adults to learn about our faith. Throughout the year we have various programs and events to help us explore what we believe and how to integrate these beliefs in our lives.


Our faith grows and develops throughout our lives. Our confirmation is not a graduation where we have arrived and leave faith formation behind.  It is an initiation into the life of the Spirit and into the Church where our faith formation has a home to flourish and grow. Therefore, faith formation programs and opportunities are vital to our spiritual growth. They are food for

our soul and nourish us in our relationship with Christ through the church community.


Age-appropriate learning and worship is available to all children at  St. Thomas More.  

We want to help provide a strong foundation for growth in the Catholic faith for our children, and support parents as they strive to be fully attentive and present

to their own worship at Mass.

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