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Through baptism, we become members of the Church.

When we speak of someone getting baptized, we are primarily speaking of an infant baptism.

Prior to setting a baptism date, the parents need to contact the parish to set-up a date for the baptism class. These classes are conducted one-on-one (the parents, the baby, and whenever possible, the godparent(s) and the priest) and they take approximately one hour.

During the baptism class, we discuss the origin of baptism and its effect, the responsibilities of the Church and those of the parent(s) and godparent(s). We also discuss the selection of a baptismal name; who is eligible to be a godparent; ways to celebrate the baptism throughout the life of the child, and we talk through the baptism ceremony itself.


Baptisms are scheduled on a first come, first serve bases.

Baptism can be scheduled during any of our Masses or in a separate liturgical ceremony outside of the Mass.



There are several pieces of information necessary before a

baptism can be scheduled.   

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