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The Eucharist is the pinnacle of the Mass and is celebrated at each Mass.


The reception of First Eucharist (aka First Holy Communion) is celebrated annually; usually in the spring. Children in the second grade, whether they attend Catholic school or not, are the primary participants of that celebration.


Sacramental preparation classes, which includes preparation for the reception of their First Confession and First Eucharist can last as long as 10 months, and these classes are generally scheduled on Sundays following the

10 am Mass during those months.

Parents are responsible for inquiring about the sacramental preparation classes, and getting their child registered, as early as possible prior

to the start of their child’s second

grade school year.




As Catholics, we believe the Body, Blood, and Divinity of Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist/Communion we receive. All Catholics are encouraged to receive Eucharist/Communion frequently during every week, but especially every Sunday.


It is permissible for one to receive Eucharist/Communion twice in the same day (but no more than two times), as long as it is received during a Mass.

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