Effective immediately, STM can welcome 50 people at any of our Masses (advance sign up required – no exceptions).

Attending Mass is at your own risk. STM has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure your safety, but the risk is solely that of the attendee. Collecting Names for Mass Sign-ups & Contact Tracing is primarily to facilitate sign-ups. Secondarily, they help the parish contact people in the event of a potential exposure at Mass. The lists are intended for internal use by the parish & must be maintained. We will, however, follow guidelines put forth by health officials regarding potential exposure. The parish may be asked by public health officials for the contact information, and there may be a requirement to give it for contact tracing. Therefore, anyone not comfortable with public officials potentially being given their name and contact information should refrain at this time from signing up and attending Mass.

Those of you who are longing to return to the celebration of the Mass, are encouraged to do so by signing up for one of the available masses Tuesday through Sunday. So that all STM parishioners may have an opportunity to attend Mass once a week, we are currently asking that you only sign up once per week, and be flexible with what day of the week you sign up for from one week to the week. You have 11 attendance options each week to choose from. Not everyone can sign up to attend a weekend Mass. With there being a dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation, please consider attending a weekday Mass. The focus must be on your being able to attend mass once a week; not on your being able to attend Sunday Mass. Again, the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays is still in effect.

To be counted among the 50 people attending, you must sign up in advance by using our online sign up form (those without computer access please call the office). The link to the sign up form can be found on our webpage and in the bulletin. All sign ups must be no later than a day in advance and completed Monday through Friday before 4:00pm.

For everyone’s safety, wearing a face mask is REQUIRED (worn from your vehicle – throughout Mass - to the return to your vehicle). Physical distancing will be strictly observed. Only those family members who reside in the same household may sit together.

If you are among those most vulnerable (65 years old and above) you are encouraged not to attend Mass. If you have any illness, or any pre-existing health issues or conditions, we ask that you do not attend any of the masses.

At this time, Masses will be offered Tuesday through Friday at 8:20 am and 5:00 pm, Saturday at 5:00pm, and Sunday 8:00am and 10:00am.

Currently, all those attending any and every Mass will be asked, and expected to provide, assistance with helping monitor the entrance/exit door, sanitizing pews and other areas of the church that have been used at the conclusion of the Mass. Cleaning solutions, rags, and gloves will be provided.